Information is power!

Our company can really understand the product you want to sell, as well as the targeted consumers. That's what the market needs. We think for you the whole operation, where you will buy the products and how far they will have to travel to reach the destination, as well as the costs and time allocated. In addition, we can work directly with our customer or work through distributors. We obtain as much data as possible on these issues, to improve the quality of our services and to guarantee the safety of the contract.

Infrastructure creates movement!

We have a reliable and flexible transport frame to connect the two ends of the business equation. It will most likely be a freight, maritime, land or air carrier. We are very careful in choosing a trustworthy carrier and we only use the best at a minimum price. We get recommendations from agents or merchants. We negotiate convenient terms for you. We provide transportation and merchandise at the request of the partner through the best insurance companies.

Long term partnership!

Given the widespread growth of world trade, companies should not be discouraged by the uncertainty that comes from international trade and trade. Complicated perceptions can be easily resolved. International commercial intermediaries can eliminate a large part of the complexity and the actual or presumed risk. Through cultural, linguistic, business and legal understanding in a targeted market, international trade intermediaries can eliminate a large part of the difficulties often associated with exports. Whether your company needs business guidance on market entry or full product purchase, shipping and customs clearance, warehousing, distribution, merchant account and logistics support, international trade intermediaries can act as the export department of your business.

STP Import Export 2017 SRL mediates the trade of food and non-food products worldwide.

We organize land, freight, domestic and international transportation both within and outside the EU, with the assistance of our partners and collaborators and customer needs.

We offer air freight, freight, cargo and cargo worldwide solutions for both imported and exported goods using the most powerful airlines.

Our company offers its clients maritime freight services, with the help of our partners and collaborators, to and from any safe port in the world (ASPW) at the most competitive prices.

Upon request, we can provide additional freight insurance services through internationally recognized insurance brokers, for your peace of mind and your partners.

STP Import Export 2017 SRL

  • It aims to mediate trade and provide services of different types at the customer's request in the field of international trade.

  • It is a bridge between the customer and his need to expand business around the world.

  • It is particularly positioned to provide mediation, advice and guidance to all companies around the world to find the best solutions for acquiring the products needed to carry out their activities.


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