Each diamond was analyzed and certified by the American Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This lab is one of the most respected lab in the diamond industry, and is recognized for its consistent and impartial diamond evaluation system.


An evaluation report documents the characteristics of a diamond. These reports are produced by the American Gem Institute (GIA), one of the most respected organizations in the diamond industry. The GIA has imposed the standard for diamond assessment and gemological identification, and their valuation systems serve as a standard of excellence for the precious stones industry.
Characteristics of diamonds documented in the Diamond Assessment Report:
Shape and Cutting Style: The shape of the diamond and the cut style.
Measurements: Lists diamond dimensions in millimeters.
Carat Weight: The weight of the diamond is displayed with a precision of a hundred carats.
Color Grades: The color of the diamond, determined by comparison with a set of standard stones.
Clarity Grade: The degree of clarity determined by 10x magnification.
Cut Degrees: Cut quality due to the appearance, design, and craftsmanship with which the diamond was cut. The quality of the cut appears on certificates for round brillants issued after 1 January 2006.
Polish: The degree of finishing describes how polished the surface of the stone is.
Symmetry: Symmetry is measured according to the shape, alignment, and location of the facets of a diamond.

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