• Bananas

    We provide our customers banana with a harmonious blend of flavor, texture and color from famous manufacturers and according to the highest quality standards ...

  • Beef meat

    Beef comes from livestock farms dedicated to raising and slaughtering cattle, producing, preserving, processing and marketing meat as well as by-products and meat products ...

  • Sheep meat

    Sheep meat comes from livestock breeding companies dedicated to the raising and slaughtering of sheep, production, preservation, processing and marketing of meat. Animal welfare is the right ...

  • Poultry meat

    Poultry meat comes from poultry breeding companies dedicated to the rearing and slaughter of poultry, production, preservation, processing and marketing of the meat. Their welfare is their correct treatment ...
  • Pork meat

    Pork comes from pig breeding companies dedicated to the rearing and slaughtering of pigs, production, preservation, processing and marketing of the meat ...
  • Exotic fruits

    Fresh exotic fruits come from well-known manufacturers and meet the highest quality standards. We want to capitalize on our experience in fruit trading, to customer satisfaction ...
  • Vegetables

    Fresh vegetables come from well-known  producers and are in compliance with the highest quality standards. We want to take advantage of our experience in the field of vegetable trade, for customer satisfaction ...
  • Rum

    The most colorful stories of the rum come from its role in maritime history. Corsairs and pirates engaged in smuggling, robberies and their great love ... rum, most of them in excess. Rum is obtained from fermented juice ...

  • Wine

    The wine proposed for marketing comes from vineyards situated in a known volcanic area, situated at the confluence of the Eastern European tectonic plates and characterized by particularly favorable climatic conditions ...

Non Food

  • Gold

    You can buy the highest quality gold bullion. All gold ingots have the status of "Good Delivery" (this status guarantees good delivery status, value and quality of gold and silver), being refined by manufacturers accredited ...

  • Medical supplies

    We offer a wide range of medical supplies required for clinics, hospitals and medical offices. From examination gloves to various medical supplies: disposable needles and syringes, loops, patches,
  • Diamonds

    Each diamond was analyzed and certified by the American Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This lab is one of the most respected lab in the diamond industry, and is recognized for its consistent and impartial ...
  • Jet fuel A1

    JET A-1 is an aviation fuel previously known as "kerosene", which is suitable for most jet aircraft. It meets stringent international requirements. It has a minimum ignition point of 38 ° C and a maximum freezing point of ...
  • Gems

    Every semiprecious stone in this category is natural, unique and is brought from all over the world. These are rare, unique.Being gross, it looks altogether different than you imagined, but they are unique, precisely ...

  • Polyol

    Polyol, has a pure composition and is manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities. The product is used to provide foam rigidity in refrigerators, freezers, sandwich panels, pipes and mattresses ...
  • TDI 80/20

    TDI 80-20 diisocyanate is a toxic and highly reactive organic compound. The chemical formula for TDI is CH3C6H3 (NCO) 2. TDI is often marketed as TDI 80/20. Commercial production of toluene diisocyanate involves the ...
  • Cigarettes

    From the desire to satisfy customers, to meet their requirements, we have made strong efforts to continuously improve our offerings. We offer the best international and national brands with tradition and the products ...

  • Cigars

    For lovers of cigarillos or cigars, those who appreciate high quality products we offer the ideal product. Caribbean cigars, hand-made, will envelop your senses and lend themselves to your lifestyle, impregnating with ...

Girboiu Wine Cellar

  • Bacanta Barrique Merlot

  • Bacanta Fetească Neagră

  • Bacanta Chardonnay

  • Bacanta Chardonnay Barrique

  • Bacanta Rose Barrique

  • Epicentrum Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Epicentrum Aligote & Muscat Ottonel

  • Epicentrum Rose

  • Tectonic Sauvignon Blanc

  • Tectonic Sauvignon Blanc

  • Tectonic Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Tectonic Feteasca Neagra

  • Tectonic Muscat Ottonel

  • Tectonic Rose

  • Tectonic Șarbă

  • Tectonic Sauvignon Blanc

  • Noctia Fetească Neagră

  • Noctia Rose

  • Livia Fetească Neagră

  • Livia Plăvaie

  • Livia Roze Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Livia Șarbă D.O.C. - C.M.D.

  • Livia Șarbă

  • Varancha Muscat Ottonel

  • Varancha Roze

  • Varancha Fetească Regală

  • Varancha Syrah& Fetească Neagră

  • Cuartz

  • Cuartz White Limited Edition

  • Rosu de Varancha

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