Enter STP world

STP Import Export 2017 SRL intermediates trade
with food and non-food products around the world


STP Import Export 2017 SRL is particularly positioned to provide intermediation, advice and guidance to all companies around the world to find the best solutions and meet the most demanding requirements.


STP Import Export 2017 SRL is a competent, operative, integrated, open, customer-oriented company, having as a sphere of activity intermediaries in the trade of various products, import-export, trade in food and non-food products.

At STP Import Export 2017 SRL we deal with the development of the business and through intermediation and import export, we make a bridge between the seller and the buyer, between the negotiators and much more, we create a friendship

Our professionally trained employees are always at your service.

We provide extensive experience for expanding your business into new markets and exploring new regions.
Our company wants to provide smart, secure and long-term solutions. Relationships between partners should mean more than a rigid, formal collaboration.
Trade relations must mean more than dialogue, communication and cooperation.
It should be friendship!

Only then, competence, intelligence and professionalism will be useful to our partners.
The prosperity of our clients / partners, our future friends, means the prosperity and success of a collaboration that will come through the success of our partners and then by our gain.
We believe in constantly improving service to provide the best solutions to our customers. So, call us or write an email and join a growing number of satisfied customers.

Safe Trade, Good Friends!

STP Import Export 2017 SRL

It was set up to expand the activities of intermediation
and import-export, from and outside the European Union.
Provides finding and selecting business partners around the world and mediating business relationships between companies; support in finding new business partners.

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